About us

SHIVYAWATA is a Swahili short term for “Shirikisho la Vyama Vya Watu Wenye Ulemavu Tanzania” translated from Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations. SHIVYAWATA  is a non governmental federation which brings together ten national Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) established by the DPOs in 1992.


SHIVYAWATA envisions a society which advocates for and empowers persons with disabilities through the recognition of human rights creation of barrier free environment and inclusive society for all people of Tanzania.


Launching a prolonged campaign geared toward repudiating social injustices facing disabled people through social, economic, and political systems.

Core values:

SHIVYAWATA is committed to issues of:

  • Achievement
  • Cooperation
  • Inclusion
  • Equality of participation
  • Integrity
  • Solidarity
  • Hope
  • Empowerment


  • To unite all Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs) and the Pro-Disability Organizations ( PDOs) for effective lobbying and advocacy work.
  • To act as an organized pressure group to the Government, Political Parties and the Public so as to provide required and appropriate services to persons with disabilities on time.
  • Motivating, encourage and assist the formation and registration of DPOs and PDOs as well as ensuring the existence of the already registered DPOs and PDOs.
  • Safeguarding interest of Peoples with Disabilities and objective achievements.
  • Ensuring networking with Government, Political Parties, and other Local and Foreign Organization with a view to empowering welfare of People With Disabilities.
  • To perform advisory role to members (DPOs) of SHIVYAWATA.
  • To advocate for mainstreaming Disability in Public and Private sector plans and programs.