Since its establishment in 1992, SHIVYAWATA has reaped a number of achievements such as;

  • Membership has increased twice from five to ten member Disabled people organizations (DPOs) as of today.
  • Strong relationship with members and partners such as The Government of United republic of Tanzania, Action on Disability and Development International (ADD International), Handicap International (HI),  Myright, Abillis Foundation, International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC), International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, UN enable, Sight Saver International  (SSI), Secretariat of African Decade for Persons With Disability (SADPD), Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL), Queensland University of Technology of Australia (QUT), Disabled People’s International (DPI), East African Federations of the Disabled (EAFOD), Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN), National Union of Disabled People of Uganda (NUDIP), United Disabled People of Kenya (UDPK) and Pan African Federations of the Disabled (PAFOD) of Mauritius, Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CCBRT), Umoja wa Walemavu Zanzibar (UWZ), Information Center for Disability – ICD, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and Human rights Organizations such as Legal and Human Rights center (LHRC), Tanzania Gender Network Program (TGNP), The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG), Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF), Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET) and TACAIDS to mention but a few.
  • SHIVYAWATA advocated for the drafting of the National Disability Policy 2004.
  • Achieving common voice towards local, national and International matters concerning rights of People with Disabilities.
  • SHIVYAWATA took part in mainstreaming of the African Decade of Peoples with Disabilities in June 2008.
  • Establishment of SHIVYAWATA Regional Committees in the 21 regions in Tanzania Mainland.
  • Realization of National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy 2011.
  • Advocated for the Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of  Persons With Disabilities (UNCRPD).
  • Advocated for the enactment of disability law number 9, of 2010.
  • Realization of Government Directive issued by Ministry of Local Government in July 2012, regarding free Medication, Infrastructure including in built public structures to become Disability friendly, weaving school subscriptions by Children with Disability, Albino Children in school to wear adequate clothing to avoid direct sunshine rays.
  • Influencing nomination of twenty seats special for Persons with Disability in the constituent assembly 2014 by the president of United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Together with the Ministry of Health (Social Welfare Department) spearheaded the formation of National Disability Advisory Council in March, 2014 and whose Chairperson is a Person With Disability Dr. Edward Tikamanyile Bagandashwa.