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  • Handicap International (H.I) – From Rights to Inclusion Project 

SHIVYAWATA is currently implementing the “From rights to Inclusion project” in collaboration with the Handicap International. The Project aims at moving forward the protection of rights for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD) in Kenya and Tanzania national legislations. The project objectives are;

  1. To promote the implementation of the CRPD through strengthen grass – roots, national and regional capacities and linkages with other organization.
  2. To strengthen capacities of DPOs to advocate for the implementation of the CRPD.
  3. To institutionalize civil participation for the implementation of the CRPD.

Therefore, within the Implementation of the From Rights to Inclusion Project, SHIVYAWATA in collaboration with Handicap International had conducted a Survey that came up with a Report of the status of the rights of Persons with Disabilities in the 4 main sectors.

The 4 main sectors are;

  • Health
  • Education
  • Defense
  • Employment

We, therefore like to present  the Survey Portal that can be accessed on the link below;

Proceed to the Survey Portal, Click Here or the Image below and Leave your Comments Afterward

Survey Portal

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  1. Novat says:

    Well-done, the survey is easily accessible.

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